Commit to Kindness and Integrity

Take a step back to reflect on your values and how you want to treat others. Most of us strive to treat others with kindness and respect and hope we receive the same treatment in return. However, when someone is being hurtful to you and treating you in a way that leaves you feeling undervalued, betrayed, or upset, it can be difficult to be kind to them. In fact, it may be tempting to be hurtful hurt them in return, but do your best to resist this temptation. If you do end up saying or doing something hurtful, acknowledge what you have done and apologize as soon as possible.

It can be really difficult to admit your own wrongdoings and show kindness to someone when they are being hurtful towards you. In fact, you may be wondering why you should be kind to someone who is being mean. Think of it this way; showing kindness to someone isn’t just for them – it’s for you too. Being kind to the other person during relationship challenges and conflicts is something to be proud of. When you stick to your values and own up to your mistakes, you can know that you did your part to try and repair the relationship.

To remind yourself of your values of kindness and respect, try the following affirmation: “No matter what the other person does to me, I choose to act with kindness and integrity.”

The information in today’s blog was adapted from one of our earlier series, “In the Midst of Relationship Chaos.” To see the original post, check out the following link:

Focus on Yourself

Often times, when facing relationship chaos and life challenges, we can feel as if we do not have any control. This may include the other person in the relationship’s actions and choices, as well as external factors that we simply cannot control.

Although we may not have control over these things, we do have the ability to manage our responses to the chaos and challenges we are facing. A great place to start is to look at what you need to take care of yourself amidst the difficulties you are experiencing. When considering your needs and looking for ways to respond to the situation that promote growth and progress, it is important to evaluate your physical and emotional safety. If you feel unsafe in your relationship, in any way, take the measures necessary to ensure your safety. If you are facing abuse or find yourself in crisis, reach out for help. The following resources are available to help you during these situations: Guilford County Family Justice Center: (336) 641-SAFE (7233) and Family Service of the Piedmont Crisis Line (Greensboro: 336-273-7273; High Point: 336-889-7273).

The questions below can help you process your emotions and determine your needs during relationship challenges:

  • What am I feeling right now? What incidents or experiences led to these feelings?
  • What are my greatest fears about what could happen in this situation?
  • What expectations have I been holding that weren’t met in this relationship? Did the other person know I had this expectation?
  • What do I need and/or want from the other person that I haven’t been getting? How can I ask for this in a way that the other person will be most likely to listen to my concerns?
  • How well am I coping with the stress I’m feeling? What could I do to better manage my stress (e.g., write in a journal, exercise, practice relaxation techniques, or talk with a trusted friend)?
  • What can I do to feel at peace (this week, today, the next hour, the next five minutes)?

An affirming question to ask yourself during relationship chaos and life’s challenging times is, “What can I do to take care of myself in this situation?”


The information in today’s blog was adapted from one of our earlier series, “In the Midst of Relationship Chaos.” To see the original post, check out the following link:

You Can’t Change The Other Person

This first step focuses on what you can and cannot control within your relationship, especially during periods of strife and chaos. When going through relationship challenges, it can be easy to focus on what the other person has said or done and how you think they should change to help repair the relationship. However, it is important to remember that you can’t make the other person change.

While facing relationship challenges, it can be helpful to remind yourself that you are only able to control your own thoughts, actions, and emotions within the relationship. You and the other person are separate individuals, and though you may not always agree with the other person, you do have the choice to understand that they have the right to make their own life decisions.

An affirmation to help you practice this point is: “The other person is choosing to act this way. I would make a different choice, but I can accept that their choice is their own.”

The information in today’s blog was adapted from one of our earlier series, “In the Midst of Relationship Chaos.” To see the original post, check out the following link:

Keeping Relationships Strong Through Life’s Challenging Times

Relationships bring so much happiness and meaning into our lives, and they are a source for laughter, joy, connection, and love. Our relationships with romantic partners, friends, and family members provide opportunities for deep connections and lasting memories. One of the purest feelings of joy comes from these deep connections and the sense of belonging we feel with those we love and care for.

Though relationships offer joy, meaning, and connection, they also bring pain, suffering, and loss during challenging times. Relationship problems can escalate and spin out of control if they are not managed properly, leading to feelings of hurt and hopelessness. It’s normal to feel lost and confused during relationship challenges, especially if you feel like you have tried everything in your power to repair your relationship with little or no success.

Even during these challenging moments in your relationship, where you may feel consumed by chaos and fear, there is hope. Today marks the beginning of a series of blog posts to help you navigate relationship struggles and keep your relationship strong during life’s challenging times. We will provide 8 steps to help you find calm amidst what may feel like a storm, while moving towards positive growth within your relationship. In addition to the suggested steps, we will also be sharing an affirmation to provide reassurance and promote positivity during relationship and life challenges.

We hope these steps and affirmations will help you find peace and look towards progress, while facing relationship challenges both now and in the future!

Our series will also be leading up to our workshop with Fellowship Hall on “Keeping Relationships Strong through Life’s Challenging Times.” The workshop will take place on June 15th and is free to attend; however, advance registration is required. Use the following link to register: We hope to see you there!

The information in today’s blog was adapted from one of our earlier series, “In the Midst of Relationship Chaos.” To see the original post, check out the following link:

Using Technology to Your Advantage

While limited screen time is important to promote activities, such as playing outdoors, engaging in face-to-face interactions with friends and family, and other screen-free activities, technology can also be a great way to incorporate learning during the summer months. You can use technology and screen time to your advantage by encouraging your kids to play educational games or do an informal research project on something that interests them.

There are lots of educational apps to help your kids practice a variety of skills, such as math, reading, vocabulary, spelling, and science, all while playing games. In addition to apps, there are also many great educational websites for kids, including:

  • coolmath4kids, which focuses on teaching math to kids ages 3-12 through fun games!
  • is a great website to help your kids practice their math and reading skills through computer games.
  • National Geographic for Kids provides resources for kids to learn about animals, the environment, and more.
  • BrainPOP has educational videos, quizzes, and games on several different subjects including: science, social studies, english, math, arts & music, health, and engineering & technology.
  • PBS Kids has many different educational games with a wide variety of topics including, teamwork, problem solving, feelings, and spanish language skills.

We encourage you to check out these websites, as well as searching for educational apps to help your kids use technology to promote growth and learning this summer!

Learn a New Word Every Day

A fun and simple way to promote vocabulary skills is to learn a new word every day! The Merriam-Webster dictionary has an online word of the day calendar, where you can find a new word, along with its definition to teach your kids every day this summer. You can put the word up on the fridge and create a routine, where each morning, during breakfast, you go over the new word. This is a quick way to start the day with learning and can be continued even after summer is over!

Exploring and Adventure

There are lots of places to explore and learn new things right here in Guilford County, as well as the surrounding areas. We encourage you to take your kids on field trips to nature trails, zoos, parks, and museums this summer! Not only is this a great way for your kids to learn new things during the summer months, but it is also an opportunity to spend quality time together and create lasting memories. Here are some ideas to get you started:

A great way to promote learning during these trips is to ask your kids questions about what they learned, what they found interesting, and what they want to know more about. Encourage them to keep a journal about their summer trips and adventures to process their experiences, while developing their writing skills.

Another fun and simple activity to facilitate growth and learning this summer is to collect leaves and flowers or take pictures of trees and animals during nature walks. Then, when you get home, you and your kids can work together to do research to learn more about the plants and animals you identified during your walks.

Read Every Day

One of the best ways to prevent the summer slide and instead encourage growth and learning over the summer is to focus in on reading. Let your kids take the lead and choose fun books based on their interests, such as mysteries, superheroes, and comics. If your kids have the control to choose what they read, there’s a higher chance that they will be invested in and committed to reading something every day and have fun while doing it!

Your kids also don’t have to spend hours on end reading each day of the summer. Doing just 20-30 minutes of reading a day can make a significant difference in retaining and even improving your child’s reading abilities over the summer.

Your local library is a great place to find lots of interesting and entertaining books for free! We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to not only encourage your kids to read, but to also create a stronger bond and connection through learning about their interests and spending quality time together.


Avoiding the Summer Slide

The end of the school year is approaching quickly, which means there will be lots of time for fun activities and adventures for your family to enjoy during the summer vacation months! However, this also means that your kids will have several months away from the classroom learning environment, which leaves a chance for them to forget some of what they have spent the past school-year learning. One of the challenges of summer vacation is what is sometimes known as the “summer slide.” The summer slide refers to the loss of academic skills and knowledge during the summer months when kids are away from school and do not spend time practicing what they have learned.

Although the summer slide is a reality many parents and children struggle with, rest assured, there are plenty of things you can do to help you children retain and even gain knowledge over the summer! Over the next several days, we will be providing tips to help you and your kids combat the summer slide, while still having lots of fun and spending quality time together.