Through the Healthy Relationships Initiative, we will offer a range of relationship enrichment and family wellness educational programs, including face-to-face workshops and online learning. This will include research-based and evidence-based programs that focus on three categories of skills and topics: (1) core relational skills and information; (2) family and relationship transitions; and (3) specific challenges that couples and families may face. Core relationship skills and information refers to general relationship-supporting knowledge and practices that are applicable to a wide range of relationship issues. Family transitions refer to changes that occur over the life course in families that bring a common set of challenges and transitions. Specific challenges include a range of specific common challenges faced by residents of Guilford County.

The Healthy Relationships Initiative will officially launch to the community in February 2017. Please fill out our Contact Form to be added to our email list for updates about educational programs as they become available. In addition, information about upcoming educational programs will be shared via the Healthy Relationships Initiative Facebook page, so please connect with us there as well!