Kindness Champion of Guilford County 2020

Today’s Kindness Champion is DeAnna Lawson Hay! Here is what her nominator had to say about DeAnna’s outstanding efforts to spread kindness throughout the community: “DeAnna Lawson Hay who is so kind that she is trying to change the community around her with a kindness challenge herself. She has a website where she shares quotes and inspiration for others on how to show gratitude to the community and shares what she is doing to practice what she preaches. Two things that I will share that she has done recently, is in December she partnered with Wellsprings to throw the senior residents a Holiday Party that included food, games, prizes and just overall fun. She worked with friends and community partners to get everything either donated or at a really good price using coupons. The other project that she is currently working on is collecting pop-tab for Ronald McDonald House. I believe she has challenged friends and the community to collect 1 million pop tabs in one year. She is willing to pick up poptabs from people and drives them to Ronald McDonald house herself on a regular basis. I could share lots of other ways that DeAnna is just one of the most genuine, honest and caring people I know, but check out her website and see for yourself.”


RAK Countdown: Perform 1 Random Act of Kindness

Showing kindness to everyone we meet is what RAK Week is all about. Take this last day of our Kindness Countdown to perform a random act of kindness for a stranger. Pay for someone’s coffee; hold the door; ask if someone struggling needs help for a moment. We are all part of a community, and the kindness of a stranger goes a long way to making someone feel seen, valued, and supported. Let’s celebrate kindness!

Kindness Champion of Guilford County 2020

Today’s Kindness Champion is Edie Allen! Here is what Edie’s nominators had to say about why she is outstanding at showing kindness: “Edie’s kindness and compassion are a bright light in the UNCG Department of Counseling and Education! Not only is she a wonderful counselor who cares deeply about the clients she serves, but she is also a great friend and colleague. Edie always makes an effort to check in on her fellow cohort members, and cares about our well-being. Moreover, Edie is incredibly kind and genuine. She shows compassion to all her fellow classmates and is ready and willing to lend an ear; you always feel seen and heard when Edie is listening! Even in the midst of the hectic master’s program, Edie is a point of calm. She takes good care of herself and encourages others to do the same. She is a joy to know and a truly good person, which is why she is an excellent candidate for HRI’s Kindness Champions!”

RAK Countdown: Share 2 New Experiences with a Loved One

Healthy relationships are all about learning and growing together, and one of the best ways to do that is by trying new things! Look for 2 new experiences to share with your loved ones this week. Cook a new meal with your family, go someplace new with friends, or try something you’ve always wanted to do with your partner. Talk about something new you want to try, and carve out time to help make it happen! New experiences can be fun and exciting, and are even more memorable when we do them with people we love.

Kindness Champion of Guilford County 2020

Today’s Kindness Champion is Javon Rutledge (JR)! This is what his nominator had to say about why he exemplifies the qualities of a kindness champion: “JR is always willing to help others in need.  He is always willing to share (even his food!) and is always polite.  He uses his manners in every situation, and is one of the first to step up to help someone else.” 

RAK Countdown: Spend 3 Hours Off of Technology

Technology is wonderful, but too much of it can be isolating. Spending all our free time on phones and computers, even when we’re in the same room as others, doesn’t build our relationships. Try blocking off 3 hours this week to spend time with loved ones. Take a walk together, go to a new place, or just have a long conversation face to face. Making time for the ones we love is a big part of healthy, balanced relationships, so break out of the routine and spend some time screen free!

Kindness Champion of Guilford County 2020

Today’s Kindness Champion in Michele Chapin! Michele’s nominator had this to say about why she stands out as a role model of kindness in our community: “Michele brought ready ready to High Point with energy and commitment to our community. She is excited about the potential in High Point and it’s residence. She is excited about the potential in High Point and it’s residents. She listens and hears what people are telling her and she responds with empathy and graciousness. A true asset to the nonprofit world in High Point.”

Communicating While Kayaking (3 different dates!)

This program is back by popular demand!


Join the Healthy Relationships Initiative and Greensboro Parks and Recreation and strengthen your relationship with a loved one while enjoying the positive benefits of kayaking.  This interactive program is designed to teach you basic communication skills, while giving you the opportunity to practice the techniques while completing a physical activity.  Each couple or pair will receive a set of game cards that will challenge you to work on different relationship skills.  All skills are completed out on the water while kayaking.  Before we get out on the water, there will be a brief safety training led by a Parks & Recreation staff member.

All pairs are welcome. You do not have to bring a romantic partner in order to get the benefits of this program.  Bring along a friend or a family member.  Light refreshments and other relationship resources will be provided.

Please note that kayaks are limited for these programs, and pricing is as follows: 2 single kayaks for $34 per couple. 1 tandem kayak for $30 per couple.

To register for the May 19th date, click here.

To register for the August 11th date, click here.

To register for the September 19th date, click here.

If you have any questions about this program, or would like to apply for a scholarship to attend this program, please email Camila Dos Santos at

RAK Countdown: Embrace 4 Positive Things about Yourself

Self-love is important! We need to be kind to ourselves as well as to others. Take some time during Random Acts of Kindness Week to be kind to you! Identify 4 positive things about yourself. Maybe that’s embracing certain parts of your body, recognizing your accomplishments, or listing positive qualities you’re glad you have. It can be hard to recognize good in ourselves sometimes, but being kind to and taking care of ourselves helps us be kind to others. Be kind to yourself today!