Partner with HRI for your next relationship education program or professional training!  We provide programs to help strengthen relationships of all kinds, including for couples, teens, parents, and young children, as well as other types of relationships, such as workplace relationships and friendships.  HRI also can develop and facilitate your next professional training or webinar on topics related to happy, healthy, and safe relationships (including relationship violence and abuse).  Reach out to us to find out how we can partner, whether on one of our existing programs listed below or to develop a custom program tailored to your organization. We look forward to working with you and serving your relationship education needs!


This 2-hour workshop for couples provides an overview on how couple relationships can be impacted by life challenges. It offers couples practical strategies for navigating and growing through challenging times.



Conflict is a natural part of all couple relationships–even healthy ones! This 2-hour workshop equips couples with knowledge and skills to work through conflict and strengthen their relationships in the process.


Our signature workshop for single moms aims to empower them to thrive by building up their resources for practicing self-care, fostering healthy relationships with others, and growing as an effective parent.
Our Healthy Relationships 101 For Teens programs offers basic tools to help youth today understand how to build healthy relationships–and protect themselves from unhealthy ones. This program is available in a high school version and a middle school version.


Healthy relationships in the workplace are good for business! Our Healthy Relationships at Work program helps coworkers learn relationship skills to enhance their ability to communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflicts at work.


This program is designed to help college students navigate the complexity of relationships in college, including dating and romantic relationships, friendships, roommates, and family relationships. Students will learn skills to build a foundation for healthy relationships throughout their lives.


Parents and teens will learn skills to better understand one another and communicate more effectively. 
This program educates parents on how they can be proactive in supporting their students, as well as schools, in creating bullying-free environments in school and the community.
This workshop focuses on quality time in relationships and offers strategies for finding balance between personal and professional lives.


In this parenting workshop or professional training, participants will learn practical strategies for supporting children through divorce in their family.
This 90-minute interactive workshop teaches grandparents how to connect and strengthen their relationships with their grandchildren using technology.