HRI’s Together Time Board Game

The Healthy Relationships Initiative is pleased to present our exclusive board game, Together Time, which is free to download from this site!

This game offers families an opportunity to connect and learn more about each other through playing the game. All you’ll need to play are the three downloads available below, as well as a set of dice. (Note: Crayola offers a free printable dice page that you can access by clicking here if you don’t have any dice on hand!)

To play Together Time with your family, follow these steps.


#1: Download and print the game board by clicking here:

Together Time Game Board





#2: Download and print the Player Sheets by clicking here (You will need 1 player sheet per person):

Together Time Game – Player Sheet





#3: Download and print the How to Play guide by clicking here:

Together Time Game – How to Play



#4: Gather your family members, get (or print and construct) a pair of dice, and have fun!


Note: Although the game materials are in color, you can print in black ink by setting your printer to print in grayscale.